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Marriage Counseling Lubbock

Welcome to marriage counseling Lubbock! We strive here to help couples work on their personal relationship with Christ, which will naturally draw them closer to their spouse or fiance.

Do you need some quality marriage advice? Come and see our christian counselors in Lubbock and we will take a look at your situation. We will help you to find peace and ease some of the problems you are experiencing. We will help to alleviate the triggers you have that you may not even consciously be aware of.

Does couples counseling help? We have marriage counseling and pre marriage counseling here at marriage counseling Lubbock. We have seen thousands of couples improve their relationship and would love to see you be next.

lubbock couples counseling

Couples Counseling

lubbock marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

lubbock premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Lubbock

lubbock couples counseling

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt totally insecure, under qualified, and judged. Have you ever walked into a library and felt silly for aimlessly wandering not knowing how to find a book that you came in search of? This is why we believe we have the best services for Lubbock counseling services.

We have a clear direction. We offer no judgement. We help to guide and direct this phase of your life. There is no need or reason to do it all on your own, trying to seek out and google the best resources.

We have them all. Our therapists give you every resource they have in helping you to become cheery and confident in your relationship.

I am sure you have heard or you already know simple steps to healing a relationship. You know you must forgive. You know you must apologize. You know you must put your spouse above yourself. But how?

Many people do not know how to do just these things. What does that look like? Come to Lubbock marriage counseling and we will walk you through that.

It is our mission to help couples to see and experience these processes. It is easier said than done. When you have a professional helping you; you will find it much easier to go through.

Why choose Us?

You want to choose us because we want to choose you. You are our priority. We have seen hundreds of couples go from facing outward to facing inward. We are Christ centered here in christian marriage counseling Lubbock TX.

We are based on christian principles. We strive to become more like Christ through learning His way of communicating and viewing others.

Why is it that our closest relationships are often our most challenging?

We believe it is a way of helping us. It helps us to dig a little deeper into yourself and become a much much better version of yourself.

You will gain more christlike attributes as you attend couples therapy near me.You will love who you will become and the attributes you will learn to acquire.

What are some of the many reasons someone would want to choose to come to relationship counseling Lubbock TX?

Get You In Quickly

We respond promptly to appointment setting.

Personalized Care

We cater each session to your counseling needs.

Licensed Therapists

We have the top trained therapists and counselors.

Lots of Counseling Services

We have a variety of counseling services and counselors for you

Therapy Goals

Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome.

  • We are centered and founded on christian values
  • We offer many types of couples therapy
  • We help you to be aware of and work through marriage problems during relationship counseling
  • Each of our therapists are masters and have a love for what they do
  • You will start to see immediate results

Do not hesitate to call us today. Even if you are unsure about attending relationship therapy, fill out this form. We are more than willing to talk you through any and all of your questions before we schedule with you. Call today!

What should I expect?

Marriage therapy and any relationship therapy should be taken very seriously. It is so much more than a problem to be solved. It is a person to be blossomed. It is a habit or multiple habits to become aware of. It is a new habit or multiple habits to form and develop.

As we show love and embrace you in every state of your life we will help you to make and break these habits. Our clients love working with us.

No matter if they have attended one session, or have been attending many many sessions, they feel the genuine love, devotion and care our therapists have for each of you. It is more than just a job for every single one of them. They are there for you.

Once you call and get an appointment scheduled for a couples therapy Lubbock, you will meet our therapist. You together will get to know each other. That way they have a better understanding of your relationship, and each of you individually.

Depending on the situation they may want to meet with your spouse and you separately

and also together. This may help in the beginning process to avoid people putting up barriers and becoming defensive.

Although that is completely normal and should be expected. It will be uncomfortable to open up a can of worms that have not been talked about. Learning to talk about them may make you stretch in sharing your feelings and in turn, cause some feelings of uncomfort.

This should be embraced and expected. You will grow and gain a better understanding from it.

lubbock marriage therapy


We are a facility that works to be proactive in building sure foundations for marriage and continuing to restore that foundation even if there have been some cracks.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from attending either our pre marriage counseling or our relationship counselling.

You will be happy to know how to implement the best ways to communicate and love your significant other in marriage counseling near me.

Premarital Counseling Lubbock TX

In pre marriage counseling what we want to do is to save your marriage before it even needs saving. If you are not yet married and already having problems, that is a red flag for the need to attend some counseling.

You will learn how to overcome obstacles, how to fix unhealthy habits, and how to properly communicate.

Lubbock Marriage Counseling

The number one problem in marriages is lack of education. In marriage counselling you will be greatly educated on marriage, on many processes to the way in which you should go about working through a problem.

You will love these tools. You will use them and see them open up your mind, becoming the gateway for further interconnection in your relationship.

You will get down to the depths of what it is that you are struggling with. You will be enlightened by our therapists in marriage counseling Lubbock TX.

About Lubbock

Lubbock is known for two things. The rock and roll city and also the friendliest city in America. What a fabulous place to live! Can it get any better than that?

If you grew up boppin to the Dixie Chicks you will be happy to know this is the birthplace of their lead singer.

Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech Raiders lie in the city of Lubbock. You are surrounded by many incredible hikes, and gorgeous parks with lakes and waterfalls on them in Lubbock.

Around 250,000 people resign in Lubbock. They are really big in water conservation as the aquifer has been increasingly decreasing. Lubbock has the largest cotton growing industry in the world.

Lubbock has beautiful weather as long as you don’t mind wind. It is known to be one of the most windy cities in the US.

The cities we have boarding us are these:

  1. Slaton, TX
  2. Wolfforf, TX
  3. Shallowater, TX
  4. Idalou, TX
  5. Lorenzo, TX
  6. Ransom Canyon, TX
  7. New Deal, TX
  8. Smyer, TX

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

Will my counselor understand me?

Yes. Our christian counselors in Lubbock TX have much experience and are highly trained. They have the ability to see all personnel points of view while staying non biased in their opinion. They strictly help you to understand each other and work on yourselves, and your marriage.

Can I self counsel?

We always encouraged people to do all the healthy things to help your body, mind, and spirit. Read the word, exercise, eat right, journal, self reflect. If you are stuck in a rut, have experienced any type of trauma or find yourself having the same arguments with your spouse then you will want to seek out counseling.

How soon will I see improvement?

This all depends on how soon and how seriously you take it. If you are willing and able to implement what you are given immediately then you will begin to see immediate results. These will begin in your thoughts and will change and shape the way you view your relationship and others around you.

Do you take insurance?

Some therapists are contracted with insurance, and some are not. Give us a call and we can answer any financial questions and go over insurance and payment options.

Client Testimonials

My wife and I have been married for 50 years. Even though we have been married that long we have had some serious struggles that we never worked through. We came to counseling and have worked out some things that I didn’t think we could. I’m very grateful we did.

Kenneth Clan

First off, I love how clean the office always is! I love the counselors. They have helped me to understand and see differing perspectives. I am a pretty type A personality so preparing for marriage has been hard for me. My fiance appreciates the new perspectives I have been able to take on.

Kathryn Yielding

I had so much anger toward my spouse and it was becoming too much for me to bear. I have been attending couples counselling by myself and have loved it. I have put down many walls that have built up over time and have learned how to confront my husband and build boundaries. I am now at peace and feel so much more content.

Justina Ball

Contact Us Today!

Have you been living in anger, fear, resentment, or have been unsure? Are you engaged and not sure what to expect in marriage? Then give us a call today.

This is the type of people we want coming into our office. You will love what we teach, what we stand by, and how you will change. Change can be a scary thing, but not when you know it will only make you become a better person.

Welcome the change, embrace the change during couples counseling Lubbock.

We offer two types of couples therapy here at our office. We have great premarital counseling, and relationship therapy. Stop your search for couples counseling near me because you have found it.

You will feel welcomed, uplifted, and encouraged in no time. Lubbock is a gorgeous place that is known for being one of the friendliest cities in America.

Our therapists would love to meet you and guide you to becoming the best version of yourself, and help you further your connection in your relationships through couples counseling.

Call marriage counseling Lubbock now to come and see one of our amazing therapists.

Marriage Counseling Lubbock

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